When Edie, a naive Bible-college dropout from Massachusetts, finds her life derailed in unfamiliar Georgia, she pins her hopes on a sexy Samaritan—a tough, tattooed firefighter named Cross—and follows him deep into the boondocks, where she gets a very different kind of education.

All Cross ever wanted was to be a local war hero, but his chance at glory ended in an explosive display of piss-poor judgment. Now, his crumbling marriage to “crazy” Braylee Lewis and his growing pill habit lead Cross to look for an escape—and he finds it in the form of hot little doe-eyed Edie, who is eager to lick his wounds.

Braylee’s redneck family didn’t exactly give her the blueprint for domestic bliss, but she vowed to do better when she married Cross, the All-American soldier. Three kids later, their chemistry feels more like a chemical spill and wedlock like a federal sentence. But if she thinks she can just break free—well, she really must be crazy.

Told through the eyes of three lovers, Crash Bang Burn is an anti–romance novel; a postmortem on the bro-country anthems about them pretty little blue-eyed girls that slices open the dark underbelly of sex, marriage, and family in the dirty South.

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A hilarious, irreverent and relatable memoir about religion, sex, and the search for any available savior.

Picked on by jocks and obsessed with her own ugliness, young Dawn fantasizes all day about having sex, but is hard-wired with fundamentalist warnings about how disappointed her Future Husband will be. Sunday school teachers, unfortunately, did not address brimming self-hatred or her compulsion to write reams of kinky stories about horny unicorns. The Bible had no fine print explaining how many points you lose for going to second base. And will dry humping reduce the chances of going to hell by up to 35 percent? Now, in Until He Comes, she shares her personal and sometimes raunchy journey navigating the murky waters of religion and sexuality—and the struggle to reconcile two unspoken Christian traditions: doing everything-but-sex behind closed doors and being everything-but-yourself out in the open.

With the laugh-out-loud humor of such bestselling authors as Jen Lancaster and Laurie Notaro, Goodwin presents not just a tortured tightrope walk through fundamentalism, but also a powerful reflection on the issues facing young women: self-hatred, depression, eating disorders, sex (and almost-sex), a boyfriend-based identity, and how hypocritical messages of female perfection poison the Bible, the television and the bathroom mirror.
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